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Happy Fourth Of July

Happy Fourth of July

Update on life.

Wow can't believe tomorrow starts the mos of May. Our weather is finally getting warmer, hopefully we are done with the cold and snow. The tenants in apt 4 control our heat and they have it running still, Honestly we dont' really need it on. So I think tomorrow I'll leave a note on their door that they could turn it off it they want, and call the landlord to let him know its still on.
We have added two new kitties to the group. A friend of mine who does rescue in Pittsburgh adopted a beautiful orange/white 9 mos old male, he was living in a colony that was being abused and such by not so nice people. Some where killed, some tortured, etc, so she took three out of the colony and others took what they could, all have been adopted into good loving families. I adopted my boy Pepsi from her so she had no qualms letting me adopt Zorro. He is fixed and a real love bug. Then tonight we added a beautiful Lynx breed, flame color, female,who has had kittens, her previous owners threw her out when they found out she was pregnant and it was not by a purebreed siamese like she is, so then she was taken in by another family, they let her have the kittens, and then once they could be adopted they did and threw her out, but they where seen by a neighbor, who even though not allowed to have cats took her in, and then while I was in the corner store getting milk, I heard her saying about the gal, so I got her number and we talked on the phone, she is now here, she does not have a name yet, she is super sweet. She and my others are hissing and growling at each other, will give it some time and see. I hate when people do that, they threw them out. Our temps are going to be in the 70's and 80s this week. some rain but thats ok.
We have new neighbors across the way, the kids are really loud and very rude. And when you try to talk to the mother she wants nothing to do with it. She does not keep an eye on them at all, They start the van and they play in the van so I'm waiting for an accident to happen with that. They talk back to people. They destroy stuff, whether it be theirs or someone elses.
I'm getting a futon to put in my living room, so now when I have my kids staying over, or a friend needs a place to stay, I will have a decent place for them, instead of sleeping on the floor or the really small couch I have which is really not good to sleep on. Not only that but I will be able to lie down on the couch and watch tv so I dont' have to do that in my bedroom. So tomorrow I am hoping to walk down to the store and pay for it and set up the delivery day, its only 2 blocks away. so once thats done I can put the smaller one in my entrance way room. My one son wants it but who knows when he will pick it up. I told him not to wait to long, cause I really dont' have the room for it. My other son and his girlfriend wanted it, but they dont' have their own place yet. So I dont' know when they would either.
I really hate not having a car. I am hoping to start saving money back for one. I just can't win for sure. It was so nice to be able to go and do what I wanted when I wanted but now I either have to take a bus, cab or ask for a ride. I hate waiting for a cab, it takes for ever even when you call for a time call, so most of my day is waiting on a cab to and from some where.
My living room Tv is almost paid off about another 5 or 6 mos, and the dining room table and chairs are almost as well I think they are about another 8 mos. I will be so glad as they will put almost $300 back into my budget. Once they are done being paid for I am not going to do that again. I will either put it on lay away or only pay for it outright. I'm paying more for the interest on it then anything.
will write more later.

Lots of snow

Hi All
Well we got hit with a lot of snow yesterday, more than 10 inchs for sure. at first it came down as light and fluffy and then towards 3 pm it was more of the met crappy stuff. I really hate shoveling, while it was first fluffy it was not to bad but then when it got wet it was harder to. its melting pretty good today, espically where its been shoveled so hopefully it will be gone I'm so sick of the snow and the cold.

Hi, Happy first day of Spring, right now we are getting hit with snow and its sticking, although the weather the last 2 weeks has been pretty warm. I am so sick of Snow.  

   I know have 6 Cats, I added another kitty to our furbaby family, so we are even at 3 females and 3 males.  All are fixed.  Ginger who will be 4 in May my only Calico tiger stripe female, also my favorite lol.  Shakia and her sister Diva my two long hair white Turkish Vans who will be 3 this year,  Avalanch my all white deaf blue eyed male, will be 4 in June, Pepsi my all white male will be 4 in July, and our newest baby is just that 7 mos old, and a orange and white color.  He is as big as my adults.  So far they are all getting along great.  All but Ginger are rescues.  Flame came from the same lady that let me adopt Pepsi. I have had to put off fostering and taking in any more strays temp. 

   Real life has been crazy lately.  I am so redoing the apartment. Most of the rooms are painted, I just have to do the entrance room.  Carpets need replaced, the tiles in the living room and kitchen also.  Money is not really there to do all I'd like to do.  Also started my Spring cleaning. My place does not feel Zen like so I'm trying to get back to that place. I hate when this happens.  Our building is a war zone right now, and I'm trying my best to stay away from it all and not deal with the other fools. 

      I've been trying to clean out all my emails, and all the pictures etc on my laptop that I dont' need or want anymore, I have to many to go through, I never seem to get caught up. Real life gets in the way of so much lol.  I've also been binge watching alot of programs on Hulu and Netflix.  never realized how far behind I really am, 

I have neighbors who are constently over here to use my cell phone when ever theres is off due to not paying their bill, and when ever they need asprian, coffee etc they come to my door, I am putting a stop to this real quick, as do other tentants in the building and I am telling them its done enough is enough, I can't afford to keep giving out as I need what I have for me, cause without a vechile its hard to get out due to rides and such and I dont' have a lot of money to order on line either, They all get more than I do.  but yet when I ask to borrow something from them, they cant do it. go figure.  I dont' mind once in a while and usually dont' ask for anything in return.  but now when its even harder for me, I just can't I dont' like being taken advantage of.  Plus I have to get up early every morning now just to keep an eye out for the mailman and packages, cause someone is stealing out of the mailbox and taking packages out of there and when by my front door, have a few clues but not sure yet.  I get notificatons but on for everything now, by email and text. I have signs on my door saying that they need to knock on the door for packages, so I work around the packages coming.  Its like the poor robbing from the poor. Its a shame really. 

    People are always asking me why I like being alone, I'm not really alone, I have the cats, and I do so much better with animals then I do with people, but due to my Mental health issues and diagnosis its a whole lot easier.  I have trust issues as well with good reason. 

I dont' like my thearpist, she does not seem to care and I have no trust with her, with good reason.  I have tried to switch to a new one but they said I already did that once so due to having to walk to the appointments I 've been holding off on making a new one till it gets better outside.  She ups my anaxiety and such. I'm trying ot figure out what to do. 

    Well guess I will get off her, and watch some tv and clean out emails and such.  I will try to do better on posting. 

Happy New Years

To all my friends and family
From my house to yours Happy New Year. I hope 2018 is better than 2017.

Happy Holidays to all

From my house to yours Merry Christmas, Happy Hananakua, and all the other Holidays this time of the year,
Ginger, Avalanche, Pepsi, Shakira, Batman and Paris Hilton

Archieve of our own

Any one else having trouble getting into Ao3. I can't seem to find a link to get in it, It keeps telling me that there is no serive to it.

What a crappy day.

Maintence was here at 9 am to replace the bulbs in the over head living room lights, He did not know what he was doing, and now none of them work, he was supposed to be back with in the hour and get it dne well its almost 3 pm and still nothing I called the office ot see what what going on and so far nothing. I bet he will be back tomorrow early. or not.......
I had to take the old bulbs out to the garbage can I;m so frustrated.

Been a long time in posting.

Hello all, I hope this finds all of you doing well. It's been a while since I have last posted. So much has happened, and I've been busy with real life. I know longer have my car, after only having it less than two years and having put over $1000 or more in it, probably more, I decided to take it off the road for good, In June I put a new fuel pump in it, it was a $500 repair and then three more codes showed up, I was told by the garage it would be about another $1000 dollar job, so after 3 more garages said close to the same thing, I was done, I only got $500 for the car, after it had been posted for 4 mos and over 100 or more views, inquires and such, what a rip off. I was pissed but it was the best offer I could get, so for now I am without a car, The weather here is nice its gotten chilly at night and first thing in the morning, we've had some unseasonably warm weather. I've been dealing with some real family drama, My one daughters boyfriend and father of her children is being tried in court this mos for a near fatal beating of a man not to far from where I live, Looks like he will be going away for 20yrs or so. My oldest daughter and her husband took in my youngest son to live with them they finally got him on the right track, they got him a job at walmarts by them, made their basement into a small apartment for him, and now they are helping him get his GED, clean and also his permit. I tried to do all that for him, but he fought me every step of the way, and then was living from place to place and getting into trouble. I guess I did it all wrong, anyways he's doing well now, the kids love having him there and he is loving being there. They dont' let him get away with anything. My other son well he's off the deep end, I'm so worried about him. He's back with a girlfriend I can't stand and he has another girl whom he's been with before, (leaving one for the other and back again etc) who claims to be pregnant, she says she will put this one up for adoption too, but who knows, She got all the family wound up over it and then blocks us all, so far we have had no proof she is even pregnant. she refuses to show anyone last mos I got a nice new desk for the living room, its the only place to put it for now, my other one was really cheap and finally broke. this mos I got a new dining room table and chairs, it's really nice, about time, the other one was too big for the apartment, and kinda junky looking, at the time of getting that one it was the best I could afford. I gave it to the upstairs neighbors for free as they had nothing. The upstairs neighbors are really a piece of work, they are drug addicts and alcoholics. Older brother and sister, They have a pitbull mix who is vicious they don't keep it on a leash at all, and don't care, they do what they want to do. They thump and bump up there all day and night. everyone in the building hates them, and the landlord says to bear with it, they have some problems but it should be ok just be patient, he needs the money so to speak. The first night they where there, they asked all of us in the building if we all wanted to get high and drunk with them. we all said no. They bug us all asking for one thing or another, I won't let them in my place and no one else will either cause they have the couch from the last tenant up there which has the worse case of bed bugs, also they are dirty, and I dont' want bugs here, The one time I did let them in when they first moved in before i knew about the couch and to offer them the table and chairs, they just started going threw things, and walking into various rooms of the apt without my permission, my friend who was here had to walk with them to make sure nothing was stolen. Then they started asking all of us about various apts in the building and what they look like the price of rent who pays what and no one will tell them anything. She goes threw everyones mailboxes and will wait to see who has what delivered as far as packages go. we have two new kittens here, I had found a litter of Siamese mixes living in an abandoned lot, they where semi feral, after getting them back to healh and shots etc, I found homes for all but one, I ended up keeping her, she was shy, timid, cross eyed more so than normal, but I feel in love with her, The second kitty is a gorgeous orange male, who is super sweet, some one moved out of my sons apt building and left him behind, as they cant have pets at their place they brought him here, he is a trip his name is Mischief and it fits him, I adopted him out, thought it was a great family, as he needed more attention then he was getting, it was the wrong family, their young daughter threw him off the top of her bunk bed to see if he could fly, he hurt his leg and they did not get him medical care, but when he scratched the daughter a few days later cause he was in so much pain and limbing so badly they decided to adopt him out, I saw him on fb where they had posted him and everything they said about him was so wrong so I contacted them and told her I would take him back, thats what I told them when I adopted him out, I heard after I got him back from a friend of hers what had really happened to him, the bunk bed incident, they told me some other story. I heard that they got a puppy and the daughter hurt that poor puppy and they had to turn that puppy back, I hope they dont' get any more. Right now he is staying here and I need to get him fixed or we will have kittens. he is very bonded to Gypsy and the other cats seem annoyed with him but still accept him. He is constently trying to get attention. I'm undecided what to do wih him at this time. I got the bedroom all painted except for the door, its two colors of purple, now I have to re do all the accents, as I dont really like what was in there, it only took me three days to do the bedroom, lol. The bathroom I got done a few days before that, its a color I had espically made for me. Its like an Aqua, blue color, that took me two days,and two coats. Door needs redone, I started to redecorate in there, unfortunatly money is the issue. I also need new clothes for all seasons so that has to be done as well. I have all the colors picked out for all the rooms, need to get the paint for the rest of the rooms, redoing the kitchen cabinets, doing all the floors and carpets as well, Can't believe that October is already here, wow. how fast the mos are flying by and this year. I took the day off today, to relax, but started vacuming, doing the laundry and what not. go figure. so I think I now have you all caught up. with the weather change and such i've had two manic episodes, with all the drama i've had a few more panic and aniexty attacks then normal. Not sleeping well due to the neighbors and their noise thats constent, but I'm not the only one as the others are complaining about it as well.
Ok well need to run, someone is at the door.

I've been away

Hi All
Its been a while since I've posted, so much has been happending, I am hopeing to get on and really get a post made before the weekend is over, it's been to long and I've been so busy.
talk to you all soon